Thursday, April 28, 2011

"Aspen Summer Afternoon"

This is an oil painting of a summer afternoon at the edge of a forest area of aspens typical of the Gunnison country. This painting is 10X8 in size on canvas board. $400.00 plus H/S contact Rocky Mtn Frame and Gallery at (970)641-5033.

"Ragged Mountain"

This is an oil painting I did of a summer scene of Ragged Mountain that is located on Kebler Pass that goes from Crested Butte to the Paonia Reservoir. This painting depicts what the area is like when there is a lot of rain fall and the wild flowers are in abundance. This painting is 11X14 in size on canvas board. (SOLD)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Old Mountain Logging Road"

This is an oil  painting I did of a Fall scene of the depiction of an old abandoned mountain logging road. At one time in the past of the Gunnison Country there were many logging and mining operations back in the wilderness areas. These small narrow roads were constructed to give the loggers and miners access to those remote locations. Once the logging and mining operations ceased the roads were abandoned and Mother Nature began to slowly reclaim them. There are many of these old abandoned mountain roads through out the Gunnison Country being reclaimed by Mother Nature. This painting is 12X9 in size on canvas board. (SOLD)

Monday, April 18, 2011

"Ohio Creek Summer"

This is an oil  painting I did of the Ohio Creek area just northwest of Gunnison. Ohio creek is a ranching area and the painting shows the creek the ranchers get their water from to irrigate the hay fields that surround the creek. The valley is green in the summer with cotton wood trees and willows growing along the bank of the creek. It is surrounded by sage covered hill sides that are indicative of the high mountain desert area of the Gunnison Country. This painting is 16X12 in size on canvas board. (SOLD)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

"Moon Rise After Snow Storm"

I did this oil painting of the moon rising after a snow storm in the high country in the "Alla Prima" technique which is essentially a techniue whereby a subject is painted in a direct manner during a single working session. To me the result of using this technique is a painting that has a spontaneous feeling and simpility about it. Most "Alla Prima" paintings tend to be, by necessity, on a small scale. I do these type of paintings mostly for my own enjoyment. This painting is 12X9 in size on canvas board. $500.00 plus H/S contact Rocky Mtn Frame and Gallery at (970)641-5033.